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Commercial Electrical


When you need someone you can depend on in the electrical field , the availability and integrity of its service components are paramount. You want someone you can trust to give you power when you need it, without risk. New equipment means greater opportunity, but only if installation is accomplished quickly and with respect for the integrity of the system and the power source. Specialized production processes require expertly provided power and service maintenance. For services ranging from new building to layout revisions and upgrades Stence Electric, Inc. is here to fill  your needs.



Industrial Electrician, Industrial Plant, Conduit shown.

Industrial Electrical Contracting



Professional electricians and technicians with industrial-strength training ensure proper care, maintenance of switchgear, and supply of electrical power to facility equipment and critical systems. Highly experienced and qualified craftsman work to continually deliver electrical services centered around high-quality, efficient electrical systems installed around the demanding facility requirements on site. Stence Electric, Inc. has the experienced staff to deal with all your facility work from conveyor systems, production lines, electronic control systems, lighting and switchgear maintenance, to the upkeep of any electrical systems subject to any corrosive industrial environments on your site. For services ranging from individual installation to layout revisions and annual maintenance shutdowns, Stence Electric, Inc. is here to fill  your needs. From re-vamping, to complex production line expansions.



When you need experience for your Industrial or Commercial Electrical needs:

With a combined experience of over 205 years:

-a Solid track record

-over 35 years in business

-Meeting your Commercial and Industrial needs

-MSHA/OSHA trained Electricians

*Employees certified on lift training

*Employees have training in 1st Aid, CPR and AED use.

-Licensed and Bonded

Quality, trust and workmanship that's is done in a timely manner

*where applicable


Commercial Electrical

  • New
  • Existing
  • Large projects
  • enhancements
  • Repairs
  • Troubleshooting
  • LED Lighting



Industrial Electrical

  • Water Treatment
  • Sewer Treatment
  • Sand
  • Aggregate
  • Controls
  • VFDs
  • PLCs
  • MCC


PM/ Preventative Maintenance

  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Detailed analysis of reports

When your looking for the best solution for your electrical needs from Large Commercial jobs or Industrial jobs.......Call Stence Electric

If your looking to have Commercial Electric done or your needing Industrial Electric of all different levels, then have confidence in knowing we will be there to help you in your goal of completing your job, on time so make the call.....