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At Stence Electric, Inc., we understand the critical importance of reliability and integrity in the electrical field, especially when it comes to your commercial needs. Whether you’re in need of new installations, upgrades, repairs, or troubleshooting services, we prioritize availability and integrity in every aspect of our service offerings.

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New Installations

When you require new electrical equipment or systems, trust Stence Electric, Inc. to provide prompt and reliable installation services that prioritize system integrity and safety.

Existing Systems

We offer comprehensive services for existing electrical systems, ensuring they remain efficient, reliable, and up to code to meet your evolving needs.

Large Projects

Our experienced team is well-equipped to handle large-scale electrical projects with precision and expertise, ensuring timely completion and adherence to quality standards.


Enhance the functionality and efficiency of your electrical systems with our tailored enhancement services, designed to optimize performance and meet your specific requirements.


In the event of electrical issues or malfunctions, count on Stence Electric, Inc. for prompt and effective repair services to minimize downtime and ensure continued operations.


Our skilled technicians specialize in troubleshooting electrical issues, identifying root causes and implementing solutions efficiently to restore functionality and prevent future problems.

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